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Victorian Flower Language Valentines

Victorian Flower Language Valentines

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This notecard collection is inspired by Floriography, also known as the Language of Flowers, a custom that reached peak popularity in Victorian Britain, particularly among the upper class. Flower arrangements were sent as covert messages between lovers, friends, and sometimes enemies. 

Queer Victorians also used the floral codex to send messages to lovers in plain sight during a time when homosexuality was heavily criminalized. The Irish playwright and poet Oscar Wilde popularized the green carnation as a fluid symbol of gay love and aesthetic identity, while violets came to be known as a symbol of love between women (or Sapphic love), as the flower appeared frequently in the poetry of Sappho, whose work centered around women’s love and sexuality.

For more information: The Language of Flowers: An Alphabet of Floral Emblems

Digital reproduction of original cut paper watercolor/gouache piece.

Measurements: 5x7”  Each notecard has a small historical summary on the back.

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