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Moon Bell Talisman

Moon Bell Talisman

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In many spiritual practices, the ringing of a bell is used to clear the negative energies of a space, invite good fortune into the home, and awaken the unconscious mind. This hanging talisman features a moon and stars design, and is embellished with amethyst beads to promote dreams, intuition and psychic protection. Hang it on a door, wall, or in any space needing energetic cleansing.

Each talisman is made with printed cotton poplin, and sewn with metallic silver thread, creating a shimmery textural edge. Each stuffed fabric piece is strung together with opalescent beads, and finished with amethyst beads and a brass bell.

Moon and star designs are printed fabric reproductions of original drawings by Irene Mudd.

Dimensions: 29 x 3.25”  (Measurement: length from hanging loop to bell x width of the moon piece)

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