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Altar Cloth: Lughnasadh

Altar Cloth: Lughnasadh

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This altar cloth design is inspired by Lughnasadh (or Lúnasa in native Irish), taking place on August 1st of each year. one of the four major Pagan fire festivals in the Wheel of the Year.

Featuring an original illustration by Irene Mudd, this altar cloth consists of printed cotton fabric, backed with an embroidered satin fabric*, and machine stitched with an eye-catching metallic silver thread.

Dimensions: 19.5x19”

I use vintage fabric I have on hand to back each altar cloth, so some backing fabric may vary from what is pictured.

Lughnasadh takes place on August 1st each year, and is a festival honoring the god Lugh, focusing on abundance, agriculture, and masculine power. Celebrating the first harvest of the year, Lughnasadh involves both feasting and games of strength and agility, and swimming races.

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